Notice Of Annual General Body Meeting,

General Secretary Report for AGM to be held on 30th Dec' 2018

Dear Friends,
* With greetings and good wishes I, on behalf of the Managing Committee of the Janak Puri Club welcome the members of Club on this Annual General Body Meeting being held today on the 30th December 2018 (Sunday). In the last AGM held on 20th August 2017, while addressing this august body of the honourable members of our esteemed and prestigious club, I apprised you how we have achieved our dream to a present ground reality.
* In the month of December 2017, you elected a new Managing Committee under the President ship of Sh. B. P. Singh who is well experienced person and has been associated with the club since long. The outgoing team under the leadership of founder member Dr. Ramesh Dhawan has done a marvellous job in improving the working of club. We are great full to him and his entire team. He has been appointed as chairman to seek his advice and guidance in the functioning of club.
* As per our commitment we are vigorously pursuing to digitize all working of the club and to bring all activities under automation, transparent and participative management. We are proud to say that we are successful to achieve it up to a large extend. We seek cooperation of all those members who have not applied for smart card to get it without delay. We assure our members that after fully automation, services and working will improve further which will enable the members to avail the facilities of club hassle free.
* It will be pertinent to mention here that despite the constraint of insufficient land we are able to provide most of the indoor facilities which any club should have. Recently we have constructed two porta cabins and constructed shed on swimming pool so that leaf and dust may not spoil the water. We are continuously making our efforts to add more facilities for our members like arranging affiliation with clubs with in India and abroad located at good cities suitable for business and tourist spots.
* We have also arranged special discount scheme for our members with reputed labs, x-ray and other diagnostic centres. We are regularly getting supportive scheme from liquor companies which we are passing on to our members. Some companies awarded prizes including trips abroad to winner of their scheme.
* During the year we went in to a turbulent period as some of our friends or so to say disgruntled persons kept on lodging false and fabricated complaints in all most all departments where we have to face many difficulties apart from wasting time and energy. One complaint was lodged with GST where our President Sh. B. P. Singh was summoned and who had to spent lot of times there. Another complaint was made to Excise Department. The officials of enforcement department of excise visited the club and raised certain queries. To meet their queries our member of Managing Committee Sh. Anil Nayyar with another colleague had to visit excise office many a times to submit required documents and clarification. Many complaints were made to DPCC and to meet their requirement we have to spent a handsome amount for installing ET plant and Composite plant etc. Not only this on the basis of false complaint our bore wells were sealed and we have to get water through water tankers TO MEET OUR DAILY REQUIREMENT spending a huge amount. Complaints were also sent to many officials of Delhi Police, Lieutenant Governor, Delhi fire service, MCD and DDA where you can imagine the harassment and wastage of time and energy, though every department gave us clean chit. Through this report we appeal to all those persons who are making false complaints on fabricated basis under fictitious names and addresses to desist harming the interest of our great club where we enjoy and spend our time for peace, entertainment and socializing. Let this noble institution be allowed to work and remain peace full to flourish which was built with untiring efforts of all of us. We sincerely request them to extend their helping hands to build their club one of the best and finest club of India rather to derail its achievement. PLEASE allow it to serve our members and their guests.
* You must be aware that a case was filed by contractor Mr. Inder Kapoor, Managing Director of M/S CRS Infra Projects Ltd. in Delhi High Court and Delhi High Court appointed an arbitrator to settle the case. Arbitrator Mr. Chakraborty heard the case in many sittings and delivered his decision on. 26 April 2018 ordering us to pay Rs. 25,05,215/= (including earnest money of Rs. Ten lacs deposited by contractor as security) It is necessary to mention here that Income Tax Department served us notices that any payment due to M/S CRS Infra Projects Ltd. should be deposited with them, which we have done by depositing Rs. 25,05,215/= in favour of Income Tax Department. Now the case is thankfully finally settled which has given us a great relief. This is reported in balance sheet as a note also.
* After making the payment, we decided to start renovation work which was over due. At present renovation work is going on in full swing at ground floor in bar rooms and a part of it is ready and members are enjoying its ambience. We are also improving AC to give much desired comfort to our members during hot summer season. Our many members like Mr. Tejinder Singh Wahi MS No. 2202 has been guiding us about the material being used for renovation work. After the completion of renovation of bars we will take up renovation of "main lobby" “reception area” and two restaurants. If budget will allow us we may work at 2nd floor also to renovate meetings rooms and card room. For these challenging works Mr. V. P. Jolly our member has been helping us to carry out renovation and other development work who pays his visit to club almost on ever day to supervise renovation work and to assist us to appoint contractors required for renovation work at most competitive rates, without charging even a penny. We are thankful to him and appreciate his devotion, dedication and services towards the club.
* Members who visit the club might have observed that one porta cabin has been constructed at pool side giving a beautiful look of swimming pool. Our many members have enjoyed its ambience WHILE TAKING MEALS AND DRINK. We invite our members to come and see the beauty of place and if feel may arrange any function. The place is sufficient to accommodate approximately 65 persons. Separate wash room has also been provided there. Members can arrange small function at swimming pool open area also, facing ocean type blue water of the pool.
* Another porta cabin has also been rebuilt to accommodate approx 120 persons at lawn side where AC and TV are installed with beautiful lighting system. We invite you to utilize these places for your any function. While arranging function at porta cabin of Lawn side, members can also utilize the open area of lawn which is surrounded by lush greenery. Please note these facilities are available against some cost, for which information can be taken from the office.
* The minutes of last AGM held on 20.08.2017 were up loaded on club web site 'www.janakpuriclub.com'. From last AGM period 26 meetings of Managing Committee were held to monitor the functioning of club and also to issue guide lines for further improvement. In addition several meetings were held by various sub committees formed to assist us in managing the affairs of club.
* "On popular demand of members, Managing Committee decided to give one chance to those members whose membership was cancelled for non-payment of annual subscription and if any one desires to revive his / her membership to re-join their club with which they were associated for long time but defaulted on any reasons in payment of their subscription which affected their member ship. To give them one opportunity they were asked to clear their dues of subscription up to date irrespective of date of termination of their membership along with a nominal amount of Rs. 50,000/- as re-joining fee. Since this proposal was one time so Managing Committee approaches you to confirm this action along with the proposal to discontinue it from 01.01.2019 on ward"

We have arranged the following Events for our members:-

* On 11.09.2017 Greh Laxmi programme was arranged and musical programme was given by M J Group.
* Our members and their families take keen interest in playing tombola games which we arrange on every Saturday and Sunday. The most sought after game of bumper tombola was arranged on 18.11.2017, 17.02.2018, 12.05.2018, 16.06.2018, 19.09.2018 and 10.11.2018. In these games fabulous prizes were given to the winners.
* Christmas day was organized on 24.12.2017 and New Year eve on 31.12.2017 both the events were attended by a large numbers of our members and their guests who enjoyed it till late night.
* Traditional Lohri was celebrated on 13.01.2018 and flag hoisting ceremony on republic day was organized on 26th, January 2018. Many members and their families participated in the function. After unfurling national flag refreshment was served. We also arranged valentine day for our youngsters on 14.02.2018 who enjoyed it with one pint of complementary beer. Holi was also played with dry colours and flowers on 28.02.2018.
* On our request Dr. Jagdish Mukhi was kind enough to attend Welcome Ceremony arranged by us in his honour for being appointed as Governor of Assam State. The Ceremony was attended by a large number of our members and representative of various social organizations. After the function dinner was served to all participants.
* We arranged the opening ceremony of pool which was arranged on 13.04.2018. On this day we also celebrated famous festival of Baisakhi where performances were given by Bada Sahib musical group.
* On 23.05.18 we honoured our senior member Sh. Narinder Chawla for being appointed as Mayor of largest Municipal Corporation of Delhi “SDMC” which was attended by large numbers of our members and representatives of many social organizations.
* We also arranged rain dance where large numbers of children and youngsters enjoyed it to their fill.
* On 12.08.2018 Teej function was organized in which Kala Academy artists gave their performances.
* On 15th August 2018, we celebrated Independence Day. Our President Sh. B. P. Singh and other members celebrated the day by unfurling of Tri Colour Flag on the roof top of the building where many members and their families participated who saluted the national flag with slogan of Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Patriotic songs were sung and refreshment was served to all participants and staff.
* On 14.10.2018 Dandiya Dance was arranged by our Lady Forum whose convener is Mrs. Kuldeep Mudhar, Co-convener Mrs. Rajesh Singh and Mrs. Meena Arora with active Co-operation of Women Power of Unity group headed by one of our member Smt. Poonam Singh along with many other members who played Dandiya Dance. The programme was attended by large number of our members and their guests. All enjoyed it till late night. The Dandiya Dance was performed on popular songs played on JBL DJ set and also live by renowned singers who entertained the members. Special attraction was when one young blind lady sung melodious songs thrilling the audience who gave her standing ovation. The function was graced by MLA Mr. Rajesh Rishi.

- Dear Friends, we have sound financial position and that is why we have taken up renovation work. Our Treasurer Mr. Amit Gulati will be placing before you his financial report. I thank him for his cooperation and efficiently maintaining the accounts in transparent way. Our Chartered Accountant Mr. Bhupinder Shah Managing Director of M/S Bhupinder Shah and company keeps his sharp eyes on our accounts and keep us guiding about new amendments in GST/ VAT and Income Tax. We are thankful to him for his services.
- I have the privilege to work with our President Sh. B. P. Singh who is a strong pillar of our club and who is well versed with each and every functioning of club as he has been associated with club since 1993 and has managed the offices of Vice President, Sr. Vice President, Treasurer and now President.
- I thank Dr. Ramesh Dhawan chairman for guiding me to manage the affairs of club. I thank our adviser Sh. Ashwani Khanna for his cooperation and valuable suggestion. I thank our senior member Sh. Santosh Deora convener of advisory council and its co-convener Sardar T. P. S. Nalwa who always convey us the feelings and requirement of our members and suggest us to overcome short comings in the working of club. I salute our Ex-Sr. Vice President and now Chief Patron Sardar B. P. Singh Jaggi who cooperated us to solve tricky matters. I also thank our Patrons S/Sh. Atul Mukhi and our founder member Sh. Vinod Jain who readily come forward to help us to manage the affairs of club.
- I profusely thank Mrs. Prem Rani Choudhary wife of Late Sh. S. K. Choudhary who was a source of inspiration and architect of club, under whose patronage the club progressed leap and bound. His services and contribution are UN forgettable.
- I also thank all Co-opted Members and Members of Sub Committees who lend their support for the efficient working of club.
- I thank my all colleague Office Bearer colleague and Members of Managing Committee who are a great source of strength, encouragement for giving unflinching support and cooperation sincerely and work hard for the development and betterment of the Club.
- I thank Mr. Satbir Verma accountant who works very hard and always attend the call even at odd hours for any work. He keeps the accounts up to date and provide us information related to accounts. He also takes keen interest in the general administrative matters.
- I thank all members of staff who are performing their duties honestly.
- Last but not the least I assure you we are sincerely working for the betterment of the club and will continue for all time to come till we are on the top. With this I place before you this report for consideration and approval please.

With warm regards,

Om Parkash
General Secretary